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What's Your Relationship Communication Style

What’s Your Relationship Communication Style?

A couple’s understanding of their communication style is crucial for improving the effectiveness of their interactions and fostering the growth of their relationship

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In this week’s episode Kim and Rog address the critical element of communication within romantic relationships. They introduce and examine five distinctive communication styles: Harmonizers, Firecrackers, Zenners, Hostile couples, and Hostile detached couples.


Harmonizers are characterized by their desire to maintain peace and avoid conflicts. These couples have well-established boundaries and lead somewhat independent lives, yet they share common interests that bring them together. While their communication style promotes a stable and serene environment, the hosts warn that unresolved issues could lead to resentment.


In contrast, Firecracker couples are known for their intense and passionate communication. They do not shy away from spirited discussions or expressing disagreements, all while maintaining strong emotional connections based on deeply blended lives. They place a high value on honesty and humor. However, the hosts emphasize the importance of maintaining respect during conflicts and focusing on constructive solutions while ensuring not to attack each other’s character.


Zenners represent a balanced mix of Harmonizers and Firecrackers. These couples approach communication with calmness and empathy, prioritizing understanding and compromise. While they share a deep emotional bond, the hosts caution Zenners against overly sacrificing their own needs in an effort to accommodate their partners.


The fourth group, Hostile couples, is notable for their defensive behavior and high levels of criticism in the face of conflicts. These couples generally find understanding each other’s perspectives challenging, and often veer towards personal attacks. The recurrence of contempt poses a risk to their relationship. Nonetheless, Kim and Rog highlight that with conscious efforts and improved communication techniques, these couples can rectify their relationship dynamics.

Hostile detached

Lastly, Hostile detached couples showcase a disconcerting mix of hostility and detachment. These couples frequently find themselves in solitary impasses, devoid of any semblance of empathy or passion. The lack of concern and unwillingness to resolve ongoing issues can lead this type of couple towards the path of relational breakdown.

Kim and Rog urge their listeners to recognize and understand their distinctive communication styles and those of their partners. They emphasize that a couple’s understanding of their communication style is crucial for improving the effectiveness of their interactions and fostering the growth of their relationship.

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