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What Makes a ‘Fun Couple’… ‘Fun’?

Kim and Rog identify several key traits common among ‘fun couples’.

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In episode 65 hosts Kim and Rog explore the essence of what makes a couple ‘fun’. They delve into the characteristics that set fun couples apart, providing insights on how they maintain joy and laughter in their relationship. The conversation is filled with personal anecdotes, expert insights, and practical advice aimed at helping couples inject more fun into their relationships.

The episode begins with Kim and Rog discussing the often-misunderstood concept of fun in relationships. They point out that fun couples are not necessarily the life of the party but are those who enjoy each other’s company in any setting. They emphasize that fun is about relishing the moment together, regardless of the activity.

Kim and Rog identify several key traits common among ‘fun couples’:

Shared Identity as a Fun Couple

Fun couples often have a shared identity that revolves around being fun. This identity is not about being extroverted or the centre of attention but about enjoying playful and light-hearted interactions. They might even adopt team names or mottos, like some celebrities do, to reinforce their fun identity.

Shared Rituals

Fun couples establish rituals that add a sense of familiarity and joy to their routine. These could be simple activities like having pancake Sundays or movie nights with specific traditions attached, such as always choosing a certain snack or taking turns picking the movie.

Planning for Novelty

They stress the importance of introducing new experiences into the relationship, which keeps the dynamic exciting and energised. Planning for novelty involves booking in time and then seeking out new activities. This can recreate the exhilarating feelings of discovery and adventure that are often felt in childhood and often neglected in the hustle and bustle of being an adult.

Undertaking Challenges Together

Engaging in challenges, whether they are physical activities, games, or intellectual pursuits, can bring a sense of competition and camaraderie to the relationship. This not only makes the activities fun but also strengthens the bond as both partners motivate and push each other.

Practice Relaxation and Mindfulness

Kim and Rog discuss the importance of creating mental and emotional space for fun. This involves engaging in activities like mindfulness or relaxation exercises that reduce stress and make it easier to enjoy fun moments. They note that stress can often make it difficult to perceive fun interactions positively, hence the need to actively manage and reduce stress levels.

Dreaming Together

Lastly, they highlight the importance of dreaming together about the future. Envisioning exciting prospects or planning future adventures can infuse a relationship with hope and joy, making the daily grind more bearable as anything can seem possible, leading to more optimism and positivity.

Kim and Rog encourage listeners to identify what fun means to them and to consciously incorporate elements of fun into their daily interactions.

By the end of the episode, they recap the key points, emphasizing that being a fun couple is about embracing a joyful and playful approach to life together. They encourage their listeners to adopt these practices not only to enhance their enjoyment of the relationship but also to strengthen their bond in facing life’s challenges.

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