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We answer 5 questions on our relationship

Through this candid conversation, Kim and Rog have shared the some key factors in the success of their relationship, reflecting on challenges, joys, and growth.

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In this episode, Kim and Rog explore the depths of their relationship, answering five key questions that offer a glimpse into their 22-year journey together. This discussion reveals not just a personal look at their experiences but also shares meaningful advice beneficial to all couples.

Question 1: How Did We Meet and First Impressions

Rog recounts meeting Kim at Curtin University in 2002. Despite not being in a relationship-seeking phase, he was instantly captivated by Kim’s grounded yet spirited nature. For Rog, Kim’s authenticity and enthusiasm for life stood out – he felt she was a ‘full’ person. Kim, on the other hand, remembers their first encounter vividly, including a playful debate about skiing. Rog’s confident and thoughtful demeanor made an immediate impression on her, marking the start of their deep connection.

Question 2: Most Challenging Aspect of Our Relationship

Both Kim and Rog identify the alignment of personal growth as their biggest challenge. Over their 22-year relationship, they’ve navigated personal development, parenting, and career transitions. Rog emphasizes the importance of evolving as a team, using open communication and empathy as key tools. Kim agrees, highlighting how they’ve consistently adapted to each other’s changes and needs, ensuring their paths remain aligned.

Question 3: Favorite Shared Memories or Experiences

When discussing favourite memories, Rog fondly recalls their study sessions for university exams, where their bond began to deepen. He also cherishes their travel adventures, like exploring Cambodia and Botswana, which showcase their shared love for exploration. Kim echoes these sentiments, adding that these experiences have not only been adventures but have also strengthened their bond, illustrating their ability to find joy in every moment they share.

Question 4: Handling Disagreements and Conflicts

Addressing conflicts and disagreements, Rog speaks about the importance of recognizing they are on the same team. He believes in addressing conflicts head-on but with an alignment-focused mindset. Kim stresses the significance of acknowledging unproductive arguments and recentering on common goals. Their approach has been to treat each conflict as an opportunity to grow closer and understand each other better.

Question 5: Advice for Couples in 2024

As they look towards 2024, Rog’s advice for couples centres on strengthening the relationship core, especially during challenging times. He believes in creating a safe, supportive space within the relationship. Kim adds the importance of being gentle with oneself and each other. She advises couples to manage their goals and expectations in a way that is compassionate and realistic, emphasizing that even small progress is a step forward.


Through this candid conversation, Kim and Rog have shared the some key factors in the success of their relationship, reflecting on challenges, joys, and growth. Their story underlines the significance of teamwork, commitment to each other and mutual respect in a relationship.

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