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From Barack & Michelle to Monica & Chandler, every relationship has a hidden strength that helps with navigating life’s ups and downs together… so, what’s yours?


your relationship’s secret strength

This FREE one-minute quiz will reveal what you and your partner do best together, giving you a kick-start toward building your relationship into a real team.

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What you’ll learn from your relationship quiz


How your relationship approaches life's challenging moments


What special quality makes your relationship come alive


What needs your relationship is satisfying in your life together


3 specific areas your relationship can focus on to help you take deliberate steps towards the life you both really want, together

Why should I care about my relationship’s secret strength?

It’s easy to focus on the negatives in life and boy, oh boy, relationships are no different.

Big or small, frustrations creep into any relationship – “whose turn is it to take the bins out again?!” – and can quickly weigh us down … But when was the last time you celebrated your relationship’s triumphs and all the good things it provides you with?

Yep, there are always opportunities to improve any relationship and these are worth paying attention to but before you do, take a minute to appreciate that it’s not all doom and gloom.

Every relationship has a hidden strength that helps it to thrive.
 Now you can discover yours:

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Amazing poddie! Thank you Kim & Rog! Especially the episodes about Body image and relationships. Really enjoying the listen and nuggets of wisdom!

I am so thankful… and have now passed on your podcast and thoughts/ideas to my partner.

Just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you. I listened to episode 19 today, and it really hit home. Your words perfectly described how I was feeling about my relationship with my Partner, without me even realising it 🤭.

Good morning! I’ve been married for over 35yrs 😊 and find your account so refreshing and helpful. 😂❤️ Encouraging my daughters to listen too.

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we’re Kim & Rog.

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