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Quality vs Quantity in your relationship

It’s more than just being together. It is about fostering a deep emotional connection, buttressed by mutual understanding, empathy, and respect.

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In this episode of the podcast, hosts Kim and Rog delve deep into the nuances of Quality Time vs. Quantity Time in relationships. These discussions revolve around the contemporary state of relationships, where many couples, despite being physically present together—especially those juggling the demands of young children and full-time jobs—often find themselves bereft of a deeper connection.

The crux of their argument is not merely about spending more hours together. It’s about ensuring that the time spent carries weight and meaning. To them, merely being physically present doesn’t necessarily translate to quality. Instead, quality time is underpinned by intentionality, a dedicated effort to nurture and fortify the bond between partners. This entails being fully present, devoid of distractions, especially in today’s digital age. It’s about engaging actively, listening attentively, and diving deeper into conversations that allow for vulnerability and sharing of experiences. A relationship enriched with laughter, playfulness, empathy, and mutual respect is the ideal, as described by the duo.

Furthermore, Kim and Rog also bring attention to the differences in communication styles between men and women. While men have historically preferred side-by-side interactions, women lean more towards a face-to-face mode of engagement. However, they emphasize the importance of couples finding a common ground, tailoring their interactions to what feels most natural and comfortable for them both.

A subsequent segment of the podcast accentuates the essence of quality time. Rog underscores that it’s more than just being together. It is about fostering a deep emotional connection, buttressed by mutual understanding, empathy, and respect. Kim resonates with this idea, stating that this emotional bond creates a sanctuary of safety within the relationship. When partners feel secure, they are naturally more inclined to be open, viewing each other more as allies than opponents.

Moreover, they touch upon the rejuvenating power of quality time. In a humorous analogy, Kim likens partners to battery packs, emphasizing their role in helping one another recharge. This concept of recharging extends to the idea of staying updated with one’s partner. As individuals are ever-evolving, spending quality time together ensures that partners remain attuned to each other’s growth trajectories. Kim builds on this by emphasizing the need to embrace change, for without growth and adaptation, couples risk growing apart. Interwoven in this conversation are the themes of effective communication, personal growth, and intimacy. Rog introduces an interesting term, “emotional foreplay”, suggesting that emotional connections are pivotal for physical intimacy.

The concluding segment of the podcast provides listeners with tangible takeaways on how to enrich their relationships. Firstly, both emphasize the significance of scheduling quality time. This entails prioritizing the relationship, even if it means letting go of other commitments. Consistency is key, and while occasional trips or dates are wonderful, it’s the habitual, meaningful interactions that truly make a difference.

Even if someone is committed to personal growth, starting deep conversations can be challenging.

This is where having a set list of prompter questions can help support the conversation go more than shallow deep. Rog cites an earlier episode (#19) where they provided starter questions to help facilitate these deep, meaningful conversations. Kim emphasizes the importance of prompts or starter questions, especially repetitive ones, to lower resistance to change and foster habits. They both share that they have a daily “morning mindset” session, where they answer a series of questions, ensuring they’re aligned and understand each other’s current state of mind.

Lastly, they champion the idea of merging quality time with shared interests. Engaging in mutual activities, be it exhilarating outdoor pursuits or tranquil indoor ones, can amplify the joy of spending time together.

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