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Interview: Can You Really Live and Work Together

On our first couples interview we talk with Karene and Darcy, who while navigating life with their blended family, share insights on transforming a relationship into a successful business. The couple unpack their lives, their business and the unique blend of personal and professional development that results from their partnership.

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In Episode 17 hosts Kim and Rog are joined by Karene and Darcy, founders of Virtual Hustle. The guests share their fascinating journey from meeting on a dating app to building a successful business while raising a blended family.

Starting a Relationship

Karene and Darcy candidly discuss meeting on the dating app, Plenty of Fish, and their initial hesitations about online dating. They share how their first meeting turned into a four-hour conversation and their challenges dating as single parents. Hear about Karene’s initial preferences for potential partners and Darcy’s shift from being a responder to an initiator on dating apps. They emphasize the importance of physical meetings and time apart during their dating phase.

Journey into Entrepreneurship

Karene shares her struggle juggling her high-paced job and parenting responsibilities, which ultimately led to her quitting her job and starting Virtual Hustle. Darcy and Karene delve into the genesis of their business, detailing how they began offering support to small businesses across different fields.

Navigating Personal and Professional Life

The couple discuss how their love for golf facilitated bonding and integration of their business and personal lives. They discuss their business philosophy and the importance of being present parents, as well as the significance of setting small personal goals.

Communication in Business and Relationships

Drawing parallels between their golfing experience in New Zealand and handling difficulties in their business, Karene and Darcy stress the importance of communication. They share how they’ve learned to prioritize their relationship over work and the positive impact this has had on their business.

Selecting Clients and Working as a Team

Karene and Darcy discuss the challenges of selecting clients that align with their business ethos and the importance of backing each other up in front of clients. They emphasize the importance of honesty, quick turnarounds, and setting realistic deadlines for their clients.

Identity and Growth

Darcy talks about the identity they’ve formed as Virtual Hustle, showing a united front in their personal and business lives. They discuss the authenticity they bring to their services and the significance of recognizing when clients outgrow their services, viewing it as a sign of growth.

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