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How we started a podcast

How we started a podcast

Kim and Rog candidly share the challenges and learning experiences they encountered while starting a podcast.

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In episode #44 of “Living the Team Life,” hosts Kim and Roger offer a candid glimpse into the origins and development of their relationship podcast. Their journey, intertwined with personal anecdotes and professional insights, paints a vivid picture of their commitment to helping couples a teams and pursue their dreams together.

Kim and Roger delve into the motivations behind starting their podcast. They discuss the recurring feedback they received from others, expressing admiration for their teamwork and how they “wished” they could do things like move to a ski resort or start a house flipping business. This feedback, combined with their own experiences and challenges catalysed their decision to share their insights on living a strategic, team-oriented life.

The episode then transitions into the practical aspects of starting a podcast. Kim initially spearheaded the idea, considering a focus on their house flipping endeavours. However, a pivotal conversation with Roger shifted the focus to their teamwork in their relationship. They realized that their unique strength lay in their ability to operate as a unit, a concept they felt compelled to share with others.

The narrative shifts to discuss the importance of finding a unique angle for their podcast. They recognized that while many resources discuss relationships, their approach—focusing on teamwork and pursuing shared dreams—was unique. This realization led to a branding exercise, identifying their target audience, and refining their message to ensure clarity and consistency. They knew it was important to do this ground work properly in order to get their message out to the world.

Kim and Rog candidly share the challenges and learning experiences they encountered while starting a podcast. From technical hurdles like selecting the right equipment and software to determining the right content and delivery style, Kim and Roger’s journey is marked by trial and error, adaptability, and a steadfast commitment to their vision.

A significant part of their discussion revolves around content creation. They emphasize the importance of making their message accessible and relatable, avoiding overly complex or academic language. This approach, they believe, is key to engaging a broad audience, including those less familiar with relationship theories or terminology.

As the episode progresses, Kim and Roger reflect on their growth and confidence as podcast hosts. They discuss how their content has evolved over time, shaped by their experiences, Kim’s counselling background, and their ongoing research. The hosts underline their mission to provide practical skills and insights to couples, helping them build stronger, more fulfilling relationships.

In concluding the episode, Kim and Roger express their aspirations for the podcast’s future. They envision a platform that not only inspires couples to work as a team but also creates a positive ripple effect across generations. Their ultimate goal is to foster stable, loving home environments that benefit not only couples but also their children and future generations.

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