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How to Embrace Change in Your Relationship

Sure, change can be daunting and even uncomfortable, but as Kim and Rog remind us, they’re simply a normal part of any relationship’s evolution.

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In this episode, hosts Kim and Rog delve into the concept of relationship identity shifts. They start by taking us on a journey of introspection, looking at their own lives and how they’ve weathered the inevitable changes that come in any relationship. Drawing on personal experiences, they reflect on how the evolution of their identities at times led to moments of uncertainty and even feelings of growing apart.

How Kim and Rog’s identities changed early in their relationship

As they look back, they dissect how their identities further morphed in their twenties when they embarked on their respective career paths. With fresh social circles and evolving ambitions, the shifting sands of their individual identities and mutual dynamics became even more apparent. It’s during these tumultuous times, they reveal, that they sometimes felt like they were becoming strangers, driven by different life goals and individual growth trajectories.

In the midst of these profound changes, Kim cites her Master’s in Counselling as a pivotal point of individual growth. This newfound pursuit of knowledge and self-discovery didn’t just change her – it had profound ripple effects on their relationship too. Meanwhile, Rog shares his own brush with self-development. He sheds light on his struggle of trying to keep up with Kim’s rapid growth, eventually learning the art of letting go of past perceptions to embrace change as a couple.

And it’s not just about personal development – they also touch upon how changes in communication styles become a part of identity shifts. Sure, change can be daunting and even uncomfortable, but as Kim and Rog remind us, they’re simply a normal part of any relationship’s evolution.

Changing life stages can lead to misalignment

As the podcast continues, they delve further into how identity shifts and the reorientation of goals can shake up relationships. It’s an honest look at how misalignment in these areas can cause friction and misunderstandings, but it’s also a reminder that change – although inevitable – can also be a powerful catalyst for growth.

Our hosts then deep dive into the intricate dynamics of relationships. Kim stresses that alignment doesn’t necessarily mean having identical growth or being at the same life stage. Instead, it’s about embracing openness and honesty about where each partner is at and forging a path forward together.

Highlighting the impact of significant life events on relationships, the discussion delves into how having children can shift dynamics due to the added responsibilities and stress. They suggest frequent check-ins as a coping mechanism and underscore the need for acceptance that there will be phases of reduced communication and intimacy.

Strategies on how to start to embrace change

The hosts then provide some strategies on how to keep the love alive amidst the constant evolution and change. Kim and Rog argue that open communication and an insatiable curiosity for your

partner’s evolving perspectives are key to staying connected. They suggest ways to embrace change, promote communication, find common ground, spend meaningful time together, and foster physical connection. With these tools in your arsenal, navigating the winding paths of change in a relationship becomes a much less daunting task.

In conclusion, this episode is a powerful reminder that we should view change not as a threat but as an opportunity for growth and fresh experiences. As Kim and Rog emphasize, strong relationships are not just about preserving the status quo – they’re about flourishing as individual identities continuously evolve.

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