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Your relationship’s secret strength is…GO-GETTING

Whoever said #teamworkmakesthedreamwork was right on the money when it comes to you two.

The ability to divide and conquer is something your relationship has in spades – and what a strength this is! To put it simply, you guys thrive at getting stuff done.

You’re not ones to baulk at a busy schedule, instead, you make a plan and get after it, kicking some serious butt as you navigate life’s up and downs together.

You might both actively participate in extracurricular activities – maybe one of you plays golf and the other loves going to the gym – you fit it all in on top of your busy home and work life.

No matter what is filling your schedules, your organisation makes the most ambitious of plans possible because you’re both crystal clear on your commitments and responsibilities to each other.

It’s a great strength to be a part of a relationship that’s as organised as yours because your relationship helps you both to feel a great sense of accomplishment and allows you to achieve big.

It might feel like there’s nothing you can’t figure out a plan for – and if it does that’s because it’s true!

3 opportunities to explore:

  • Drawing on your ability to follow through, begin a weekly practice of checking in with your partner on one thing they enjoyed from last week and one thing they found challenging.


  • Knowing your strong capacity to stick to a plan, commit to trying a new activity together once per month for 12 months, alternating who picks the activity (or better yet, researching & picking it together!)


  • Using your shared zest for forward movement in life, make a date to discuss your dreams. Nothing about how to deliver them, just good ol’ fashioned dreaming.

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