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Get Up To Date On Your Partner: Kim and Rog Check-in On Each Other

Despite living together and sharing their lives, couples often drift apart because they cease to check in with each other on a deeper level.

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Episode 58: Get Up To Date On Your Partner: Kim and Rog Check-in On Each Other

In this week’s episode Kim and Rog discuss the importance of staying up to date with each other in a relationship and highlight three simple questions that can be used as a vehicle for checking in. The hosts take turns answering these questions, painting a vivid picture of their personal worries, joys, and desires, thereby offering a model for other couples to follow.

At the beginning of the episode, Kim and Rog set the stage for their conversation with a candid introduction, emphasizing the crucial role of communication in nurturing a strong, healthy relationship. They shared an observation that, despite living together and sharing their lives, couples often drift apart because they cease to check in with each other on a deeper level.

This insight led them to provide 3 simple prompter questions anyone can use a means to bridge this gap. By proactively seeking to understand each other’s current state of mind, Kim and Rog advocate for a more intentional and empathetic way of connecting, reaffirming their belief in the power of open dialogue to foster lasting bonds.

#1 – “What is your biggest stress in our lives right now?”

Kim eloquently voiced her stressor, centring on her fears about being the best parent possible to a daughter who has additional needs. Kim’s fear lied in possibly falling short of fully understanding and supporting their daughter in her development journey. Rog models understanding and empathy, affirming Kim’s exceptional role as both a mother and business partner. As his response to the question Rog voiced apprehensions about not being an adequate partner and provider, fearing he might not meet their needs. This vulnerability being a reflection on self-worth and navigating traditional roles in their modern relationship structure.

#2 – “What has made you smile recently?”

Kim reflected on a recent triumph and source of joy, their daughter’s rock climbing success. For Kim, witnessing her daughter’s achievements and progress was an unparalleled joy, especially considering her challenges. Rog echoed this sentiment, highlighting their daughter’s accomplishments as a beacon of happiness in their lives. Rog then answered the question by recalling the recent golf lesson they both went on and how despite not being skilled at the sport they enjoyed the novelty and learning something new.

#3 – “What would you like us to do more of in our relationship?”

Rog openly expressed his longing for quality alone time with Kim, purged of daily responsibilities or concerns about their daughter. He envisioned this as a way to deepen their bond. Kim, on the other hand, proposed the idea of venturing into new activities together, like pottery. Kim saw this shared exploration as a gateway to increased fun and novelty in their relationship.

The hosts urge their listeners to embrace this strategy with their partners, acknowledging that it might require patience and practice initially. Kim and Rog stressed that such discussions could foster empathy, strengthen relationships, and enhance the ability to handle disagreements effectively by gaining a profound understanding of each other’s worries, joys, and needs.

The episode offers a window into Kim and Rog’s relationship, serving as an effective testimony to the power of genuine dialogue in helping couples stay synced and engaged in each other’s lives.

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