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Your relationship’s secret strength is… DEVOTION

Putting each other first is something your relationship has in spades – and what a strength this is!

You’re well and truly in each other’s corners, no matter what life throws your way.

When either of you has something to share, big or small, there’s no question as to who is going to know about it first – it’s always going to be each other.

Small acts of kindness (like doing that chore you know your partner hates or making your partner’s favourite meal after a tough day) are likely to be scattered throughout your relationship, serving as day-to-day demonstrations of how much you care about and matter to each other.

In social settings, you keep each other top of mind regardless of life’s distractions, always looking to make sure your partner is happy and contented.

Whether it’s grabbing your partner’s drink of choice when you walk into a venue or ensuring they don’t get trapped in an awkward conversation, you both know you’ve got each others’ back and it feels so good.

3 opportunities to explore:

  • Knowing your partner’s preferences as well as you do, take turns planning a monthly date for each other for the next 12 months.

  • Drawing on your ability to consistently show up for your partner, start a weekly check-in to share one thing from last week that you each learned about yourselves or the world around you.

  • Using your deep consideration of one another and the safe space this creates, begin to dig a little deeper with a date to talk about your dreams for the future.

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