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So, you wanna know more about Kim & Rog?

Buckle up, we’re starting
with the juicy stuff.

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We’ve been together since we met at Uni in 2002 when Nelly’s Hot In Here made us feel pretty smooth on the dancefloor and we considered Havaianas classy footwear.

Now? We’re parents to one tiny yet spirited human who is the epicentre of our worlds as well as our hairiest and most belligerent household member. Maddy, the pugalier. Together, we live in the sunny city of Perth, Western Australia and we host the Living the Team Life podcast.

But our lives didn’t always look like this.


In 2018, we made our BIG DREAM – to live in the snowfields of Japan – come true.

We bought a little cabin with a view of the mountains and we spent our down-time enjoying the snow forest in front of our home.

If it sounds glorious that’s because it absolutely was. But naturally, just as we got settled that ol’ chestnut, life, decided to throw us a curveball.

Our cheeky, precious daughter was diagnosed Autistic. We were faced with a tough decision, but ultimately, we knew we had to say goodbye to our Japan dream.

So we dusted ourselves off and pivoted our life HARD.

We moved back to Oz, started a business together, bought and renovated a cabin with gum-tree-views, and dedicated ourselves to making sure our family was living our very best life.

We re-imagined our dream together and got to work living it.

Ever since our return to the land down under, we’ve been asked one question again and again:


“How did life get harder but you guys got happier?”

So here we are answering it.

We want to share what our life has taught us, along with knowledge from all over the globe.

Why? Because we’re on a mission to shake up preconceived notions about what’s involved in a successful long-term relationship, so that you too can start living the life you really want.

And it all starts with teamwork.


“The TEAM is the way to achieve the DREAM”.