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5 Simple Relationship One-Percenters You Can Start Today

Kim and Rog highlight how small yet impactful actions, often referred to as ‘one-percenters,’ can dramatically enhance a relationship, elevating it from good to great.

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Episode 56: 5 Simple Relationship One-Percenters You Can Start Today

In this week’s episode Kim and Rog provide insights into a simple but effect way couples can increase connection with each other. They propose small, but impactful gestures that have the potential to strengthen relationships, akin to the ‘one-percenters’ in sports that provide a competitive edge.

The core of their discussion revolves around five simple strategies that they believe can significantly enhance a couple’s relationship.

1) Go to Bed at the Same Time

The first strategy they propose is synchronizing sleep patterns, whereby both partners go to bed at the same time. This simple evidence based habit can foster a sense of companionship, enhance intimacy, and improve communication, ultimately leading to higher overall relationship satisfaction.

Level-up option: ask multiple prompter questions before bedtime

2) Quick call each day at lunch

The next strategy is a quick check-in call during lunch hours. The hosts are of the view that this brief and effortless means of regular communication can keep partners connected, helping them to stay in tune with each other’s feelings and overall mood throughout the day.

Level-up option: have lunch together once a week on a weekday

3) Say your “pleases’ and ‘thankyous’

The third one-percenter strategy centres around manners. They urge couples to utilize the basic courtesy of saying “please” and “thank you.” The hosts believe that this demonstrates respect and gratitude for small, common actions, contributing to a healthy and respectful relationship environment.

Level-up option: writing thank you notes or cards for each other randomly

4) Compliment your partner

The fourth strategy they discuss involves acknowledging and complimenting each partner’s strengths, efforts, and things they do well. Kim and Roger argue that this act of recognition contributes to a culture of validation within the relationship, enhancing self-esteem and promoting a positive behavioural cycle.

Level-up option: writing notes or cards complimenting each other randomly

5) Offer to get partner a drink when you get one

Finally, they stress the importance of simple acts of service, such as offering your partner a drink when getting one for yourself. This, they believe, displays a level of thoughtfulness, consideration, and care for the partner, nurturing the bond between the couple.

Level-up option: fixing your partner their favourite drink unprompted

In summary, Kim and Rog highlight how small yet impactful actions, often referred to as ‘one-percenters,’ can dramatically enhance a relationship, elevating it from good to great.. They can also act as circuit breakers by breaking negative behaviour loop and be a prompt for consistent effort, regular communication, and mutual appreciation. Their insights encourage couples to make small, sustainable changes that can lead to a stronger and more fulfilling relationship.

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