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5 Relationship Green Flags

Kim and Rog underscore the importance of acknowledging the positives in a relationship, as these discussions can be the catalyst for further connection and growth.

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The podcast, hosted by Rog and Kim, introduces the concept of “green flags” in relationships as indicators of positive and healthy dynamics between partners, contrasting the widely known concept of “red flags” which signal potential problems.

Green Flag 1 – Emotional Availability

Emotional availability is described as the willingness and capability to engage in meaningful emotional connections with a partner. It involves openly communicating feelings, providing support and understanding when the partner shares their feelings or faces challenging circumstances. It’s not about recklessly displaying emotions, but responsibly communicating them and respecting the boundaries set by each partner. The discussion also touches upon gender differences in emotional expression, acknowledging that women may have a broader emotional range and might be more expressive due to biological and societal factors. The essence of being emotionally available lies in creating a safe space for each partner to express their emotions and feel heard, without the expectation of mirroring the level of emotional expression.

Green Flag 2 – Backing Up Words with Actions

This green flag centres on trust and credibility, where actions align with words, showcasing a partner’s dependability. When a partner follows through on what they say they will do, it builds trust, respect, and a sense of safety in the relationship. The trust built through consistent actions allows each partner to focus on their own personal growth and other aspects of life with a sense of security about the relationship. These behaviour encourage a respectful environment in the relationship, where commitments are honoured. The podcast hosts likened this to a work scenario where meeting deadlines and fulfilling promises build respect and trust among colleagues, emphasizing how dependability is priceless in building a strong foundation for growth in relationships.

Green Flag 3 – Discussing a Future Together

The third green flag is discussed by Kim, highlighting the significance of a partner who talks about the future using terms like “us” and “we.” This reflects a sense of unity, acceptance, and commitment to a shared future, underscoring the idea of a relationship as a team effort. This ideology encourages couples to view their challenges and triumphs as shared experiences, fostering a collective approach to life. The African term “Ubuntu,” meaning the collective’s power, is cited as embodying this team-centric philosophy in relationships. Rog reinforces Kim’s point by mentioning the importance of planning a future together and setting common goals. This practice is said to provide a sense of security and alignment, enabling both individuals to navigate life with the assurance that they have each other’s support.

Green Flag 4 – Addressing Conflicts Constructively

The fourth green flag focuses on a partner’s willingness to address conflicts constructively. According to Rog and Kim, conflict is inevitable but healthy couples choose to work through disagreements in a constructive manner. This involves coming back to the discussion table, apologizing, and taking

accountability where necessary. Kim emphasizes that working through conflicts showcases a level of commitment to the relationship, which is fundamental for enduring the challenging times that inevitably arise in a shared life journey. This aspect of conflict resolution is said to not only enhance intimacy but also provides a platform for individual growth and personal development. Rog expands on the personal growth aspect by explaining how a supportive partner can challenge, test, and hold the other accountable, fostering a conducive environment for personal and relational growth.

Green Flag 5 – Kindness

The hosts explain that kindness, though a simple term, is a powerful indicator of a good heart. A kind partner is less likely to hurt you or engage in hurtful patterns within the relationship. They further explain that enduring hardships together becomes more bearable when kindness is at the core of the relationship, using personal anecdotes to illustrate this point. Rog, opposes the common misconception that kindness is a sign of weakness, asserting that it displays strength instead. He believes being kind requires strength as it often involves putting your partner’s needs above your own, showing vulnerability, and practicing patience. Kim concurs with Rog’s insights and elaborates that kindness is a belief and a “gift” that enhances dignity within a relationship. Kindness from a partner can elevate one’s self-worth, making the individual feel valued and deserving of good things. This sense of worthiness can act as a “springboard” for pursuing one’s dreams and ambitions.

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