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Relationship conversations for real people, by real people.

Hey! Kim & Rog


We’re a couple of West Aussies who are shaking up the narrative you’ve been sold about your relationship so you can start living the life you both really want, together.

Because every relationship can be so much more than two separate lives, lived side-by-side.

Yep, there’s a better way to create your dream life, together. To live a life that reflects what you both really want, without just going through the motions. To both have fun together and find fulfillment together.

We know there’s a better way because we’re living it.

Want to know our story?

Live the team life

Check out our podcast:

Living the Team Life

Relationship conversations by real people, for real people.

In episodes of Living the Team Life you’ll:

Hear stories
from inspiring
(and entertaining)
couples living their best lives
Get access to
knowledge from
relationship experts
Learn from our own experience doing life together for over two decades

Intrigued? Get comfy in whatever tickles your pickle, pop your headphones in and start taking deliberate steps towards your dream (team) life – laughs included.

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Why women need space to talk right now

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How to Celebrate Your Differences

How to Celebrate Your Differences

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